Target groups

Our project’s target groups are: a) pre-primary (ages 5-6 years old) and b) primary learners (ages 6-7 years old) from seven European countries (EL, FR, ES, UK, DE, EE, CZ), and c) teachers from the following countries EL, FR, ES, UK, DE, EE, CZ. The above mentioned groups of children will benefit from our project as they will make an early start in foreign language learning by using modern technology in a motivating way. They will have the opportunity to acquire listening, responding, speaking and writing skills in any of the seven foreign languages offered. At the same time, learners will become familiar with ICT, and will develop intercultural sensitivity. The teachers will obtain a useful multimedia tool for introducing any of the above languages to children of their kindergartens or primary schools.

Our project’s products will address in the short-term the needs of the schools participating to the partnership plus all the supporting schools described in the relevant section. More than 2000 pupils from all these schools will benefit from the pilot application and will make an early start to the language of their choice. Also, the teachers of these schools will benefit from this innovative language tool since it will enable them to create a supportive classroom climate and start a thoughtful discourse with pupils. Also, our language tool will be easily aligned with the schools’ curriculum since it will take into serious consideration the national education system of the countries involved.

The long-term beneficiaries of our project are pre-primary and primary learners (ages 5 to 7 years old) from seven countries EL, FR, ES, UK, DE, EE, CZ that will be motivated in early language learning and will make an early start in one or more languages. Also, long-term beneficiaries are teachers from these countries who will use this innovative approach and will take advantage of the particular language activities that it provides, which are adapted to suit the age and stage levels of children. Also, other European countries beyond the ones participating to the project will benefit from a model-approach that combines multilingual learning and intercultural awareness.