INCA- Intercultural Calendar for Early Multilingual Learning aims to develop innovative materials for teaching languages to pre-primary and primary learners (ages 5 to 7), to motivate early learners to foreign language learning and to improve intercultural understanding and multilingual comprehension.

The project aims to introduce early learners from seven participating countries (EL, FR, ES, UK, DE, EE, CZ) to seven languages (EL, FR, ES, EN, DE, ET, CZ) originating from five different language groups (Greek, Romance, Germanic, Slavic and Uralic language groups).

The project has created an autonomous package of innovative tools for multilingual learning (levels 0-1) and intercultural understanding and will evaluate and disseminate these tools to kindergartens and primary schools around Europe.

All participating countries have contributed with their customs and traditions to the creation of an interactive intercultural calendar and through this calendar -month by month- young learners are familiarized with the different languages in different cultural environments.

The project’s idea is based on the “cooperation of cultures” and intercultural dialogue. The target groups (pupils of 5 to 7 years old) will acquire basic skills of listening, responding, speaking and writing in one or more languages, selected from the seven language versions developed.