Technical characteristics

Our project’s language learning tools are based on innovative ICT technology. Specifically, our project aims to develop a DVD ROM using 3D graphic design technology, Multimedia applications, video animation and audio techniques in order to create an interactive intercultural calendar for motivating early learners to language learning.

The DVD ROM contains an interactive intercultural Calendar. Every month of the Calendar has 5 active buttons for 5 active days. Each one of these days includes a custom or celebration or tradition from one of the participating countries. So, in total we have 60 active days for the whole year.

The language material for all target languages (EL, FR, ES, EN, DE, ET, CZ) is divided in 60 sections too. Each active day of the Intercultural Calendar, represents a section of the language material for each one of the target languages (EL, FR, ES, EN, DE, ET, CZ). So, in total, we have 60 sections of language material that progress from Level 0 to Level 1. Each day section of the Calendar contains a 3D video animation representing customs, celebrations and traditions from one of the participating countries (EL, FR, ES, UK, DE, EE, CZ). Each video is followed by language material related to the subject of the section, different for each one of the participating languages. The language courses contain basic language knowledge appropriate for children in pre-primary and primary education.

The pupils have the option to select: a) their mother tongue language as the language of narration of the videos, since the children are too young to understand a narration in a foreign language, b) the language they are interested to learn from a selection of seven (7) languages.

In addition, our project has designed this Web site for promoting the project and disseminating the project’s results as well as a Forum for on-line communication of teachers and parents from European and other countries internationally.