Iberika Sprachschule

Iberika is a language school and educational establishment from Berlin. Apart from English, Spanish, Portuguese and German, they also teach minority languages like Basque, Catalan and Galician.

Because of the fact that so many people from different countries live in Berlin, intercultural work is very important for the institution. Priorities for the school are intercultural training and integration courses, which are carried out by order of the German Migration’s Council.

7 teachers are employed as permanent staff and around 25-30 teachers as part-time staff. Five persons have worked for our project. The institution’s teachers are exclusively native speakers and are specialists in didactic and languages. They are all qualified for varied types of students: young children, adults and business persons.

The school has been teaching children foreign languages and intercultural training for the last ten years. The institution’s specialized teachers find a playful atmosphere very important and therefore children learn while doing theatre, singing or handicrafts.

The school’s teachers also teach in nursery schools and kindergartens. The institution works together with a network of over fifty partner schools. Therefore, it has acquired a European dimension and has experience of European cooperation.