Libatse Lasteaed – Algkool

Libatse Kindergarten Elementary School is a state institution including a Pre-primary and a Primary school. Pre-school groups and elementary school classes first became first operative in 1988 and are all located in one building.

At present, there are 7 qualified class teachers and 4 qualified pre-school teachers. The Primary school has 45 students (7-13 years old) and the Kindergarten has 30 children (3- 7 years old). Teaching is conducted under the Libatse School Curriculum which follows the National Curriculum requirements. The Kindergarten has its own curriculum, which supports the development of the child’s personality, and the collaboration between teachers and parents. A child- oriented education is the key word for the kindergarten’s curriculum.

A collection of activities in kindergarten has been out-lined: music, physical education, maths, English, development of native speech – Estonian: listening/ speaking, reading/writing. Teaching is carried out in the mornings.

The lessons for the development of native speaking in all age-groups are carried out three times a week and reading/ writing 2-3 times a week, for younger children - once a week.

There are three main forms of teaching: story- telling, creative play and drama. It is vital that children feel at ease in their activities and are able to acquire language skills according to their age.