Meandros Ltd.

Meandros Ltd. was founded in 1993 and operates in the field of Publications and services. The Publishing House has great experience in the development of educational material and specialises in books and educational CD ROMs.

Meandros Ltd. has a long tradition in providing Greek students with educational material for primary and secondary schools. The institution collaborates with schools all over Greece and organises educational seminars and lectures.

The Publishing House also edits a Newspaper with 15.000 recipients and a Magazine with approximate 2.000 recipients all over Greece. Meandros Ltd. is a traditional family company with seven persons as full time personnel and between ten to fifteen persons as part time staff, mainly professionals from all fields of Education and Science.

Experienced personnel from the company’s permanent staff and preschool language experts have worked for INCA project.

Meandros Ltd. is continuously publishing new works related to students’ education and therefore is in constant collaboration with several teachers and language experts and had the experience to provide the Greek educational material for the Project as well as its specific expertise on book publishing and DVD ROM production.

The institution has experience in transnational projects and has coordinated two projects funded by the European Commission.